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Co-Founder Allison McAvoy, M.Ed, W.C.T., W.D.T., S.L.D.S.

Allison wears many hats at Southeast Reading Center. She is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. She champions the professional education services, and serves as an advocate for students receiving instruction at the Center.

Allison has more than three decades administering educational assessments, creating individualized education plans, advocating and providing personal instruction for hundreds of struggling students. She spent eleven years serving as a district-wide resource for Hamilton County Department of Education. She has delivered numerous public and school-based workshops on topics related to literacy instruction and state and federal regulations.

Allison's strong and successful reputation in this field has provided her opportunities to serve on local and state committees representing special education needs. Allison currently serves as Area 3 Director for the Tennessee International Dyslexia Association (TNIDA) and is a member of the Tennessee Dyslexia Advisory Council.

Allison values the need to invest in her continued education. She is Orton-Gillingham® trained, a certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist®, Wilson Credentialed Trainer® and Wilson Dyslexia Therapist®


Co-Founder Scarlet Farr, B.S., W.D.P., S.L.D.I.

Scarlet Farr has 32 years of business manage and technology experience. She holds degrees in both general business and human resources from the University of Tennessee. She is the Director of Operations and provides leadership in the day-to-day operations at the Center.

Ms. Farr is a certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist® and a certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner®  She has an active status with the Knoxville Diocese program known as Virtus®. With these credentials, she provides Tier 3 direct instruction with students of all ages not only at the Center but within area schools.

Ms. Farr is a member of the International Dyslexia Association® (IDA) and volunteers with the Tennessee IDA branch.


Denise Trantham, M.Ed., W.D.P.

Denise holds a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Special Education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has more than twenty years experience providing direct instruction and advocating the needs of struggling students in Hamilton County, Tennessee.  

In addition to her service as a Special Education Teacher for the Hamilton County Department of Education (HCDE), she provides service to upper elementary and middle school students at our Center.  

Denise started her Dyslexia training in 2009. She is a certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner® and has started her work on the Wilson Level II certification. Denise has completed the first track having completed the coursework and practicum on advanced levels of decoding and encoding training (for WRS® Steps 7-12).  


Other Interventionists
  • Samantha Greco-Bishop
  • Willeata Kendrick
Samantha Greco-Bishop

Samantha graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2010, earning a Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. Her desire upon graduation was to seek a position as a school counselor. Upon graduation she sought and completed a 400 hour internship with the Hamilton County Department of Education. 

Since that time, Samantha has focused her knowledge and skills teaching children with special needs.  Working within the Exceptional Education department of Hamilton County School System, Samantha has spent the last few years focused on teaching literacy to struggling readers and has obtained a certification in the area of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). 

Samantha has been associated with our Center since January 2019 when she began seeking Dyslexia specific training in 2018. Currently she is actively working to obtaining her Wilson Dyslexia Partcitioner® credentials. 

Willeata Kendrick