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Our Approach

Students with dyslexia must master the same basic knowledge about language and its relationship to writing as anyone else to become competent readers and writers. However, because of their dyslexia, they need direct and systematic help to sort, recognize and organize the basic elements of language.

The Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction are the most crucial and significant reading intervention for children and adults with dyslexia. Wilson Language Training® (WLT) programs such as Fundations®, Just Words® and Wilson Reading System® are multi-sensory structured curricula that are based upon Orton-Gillingham principles, and provide multi-tiered systems of support. At Southeast Reading Center we use these and other structured programs with our students. To learn more about the evidence of effectiveness and the endorsements and accreditations WLT has attained, click here.

We understand a comprehensive literacy plan should include components such as fluency, word study and comprehension. Our student's literacy plan will address these and routinely report progress and outcomes both formally and informally.

Instructors at Southeast Reading have undergone specific training in the programs they are using. We believe to attain student gains in literacy that evidence-based instruction must be implemented with fidelity. Therefore, we seek to have all instructors credentialed in the programs they are delivering. In cases where instructors are undergoing coursework, a credentialed supervisor will perform all assessments and will monitor the student's progress through chart review, observation and coaching techniques with the assigned instructor. 

To learn more about important components of dyslexia intervention, please visit our About Dyslexia page.